The HKCEM e-Portfolio is designed to facilitate the management and archive of personal professional developments for both trainees and fellows. It digitalized the previous handwritten trainee logbook, and provides a secure platform for record-keeping of all relevant training activities for trainee and CME activities for fellows. It serves as the platform for regular assessment of trainees by training supervisors and facilitate review of training paces and milestones. Trainees and fellows could refer to their personal professional portfolio in an easy way.

Attendance record policy for CME and Training points

The following methods are recommended for capture of attendance to acquire training points and CME in HKCEM training activities, in descending order of recommendation:

1. ePortfolio mobile app - Capture attendance by HKCEM ePortfolio apps (available for both iOS and AndroidOS)

2. Mobile app in organizer mode - Organizers could use Tablets and login in organizer mode to allow attendee to sign in and capture attendance.

3. Entry of attendance by organizer in ePortfolio - Inform organizer in-charge person. Organizer could assist the attendee to enter in the attendance list.

4. Manual claim by trainee/fellow in ePortfolio

    ·   Trainee could enter in training activities manually. The training points will be counted after verification by training supervisor and college admin.

    ·   Fellow could apply self-claim CME with upload of documentary proof of attendance (e.g. attendance certificate) and the CME would be granted after verification by CME coordinator.

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